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we give you the total price, with no hidden extras

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Mini Digger hire, provide a complete service for the hire of diggers, dumpers, excavators, Grab lorry and skip hire all of Dublin covered.

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If your looking to hire a mini digger in Dublin Look no further, we have them at affordable prices, with no hidden extras.

The price you get over the phone is the total price, everything is included. full thank of diesel Delivery and collection.

We know how annoying it is when a hire company tells you yes we have that digger and it's €70 per day Happy days

That's OK on till you order it Next what happens is €70 +VAT €20 diesel + VAT delivery €20+VAT Collection €20 + VAT

Now were up nearly €200 + probably €300 deposit  Now you find yourself handing out €500 for what was a €70 machine

and then just to rub it in when they get they machine back  they take €50 out of your deposit because the machine was dirty

What do they expect when its working in muck all day.

We at mini digger hire try to tell you the total price with out all them hidden extras



Digger with Driver Total Cost  €250 all in no hidden extras


(1) No VAT on top

(2) No delivery charge

(3) No Colleck charge

(4) No Diesel charge

(5) No charge if machine gets dammaged

(6) No charge if machine gets dirty

(7) No large deposit


Again remember this, if you pay a large deposit all of the above charges May be charged when you go to get your deposit back

from some hire companys.

1 ton digger self drive

€80 per day most deliverys around Dublin cost €15 each way

the machine holds €20 worth of diesel you can either give it back full or pay the €20

Thats the total price. remember when hiring anything always ask whats the total price

Don't be caught out.

mini diggers