Various models with differing specifications as far as weight, blades and engines, allowing you to choose which Kubota excavator is right for your application. Detailed specifications for each model are located on the models' individual webpages.


U Series

The U Series offers the U17, U25S, U25S2, U45 And U55 zero-tail swing and tight-tail swing compact excavators. Operating weights for the U17 and U25S are 2,814 and 5,625 lbs., respectively. Standard rubber/canopy operating weights for the U25S2, U45S and U55 are 8,025, 11,640 and 11,860 lbs., respectively, while their standard rubber/cab operating weights are 8,425, 11,806, 12,060 lbs., respectively. The U25S2 and U55 also have an angle blade option, with rubber/canopy operating weights of 8,477 and 12,280 lbs.; and rubber/cab operating weights of 8,697 and 12,480 lbs.


Horsepower (hp) for the U17, U25S, U25S2, U45S and U55 comes in at 17, 20.9, 29.6, 40.5 and 47.6 hp, respectively. Digging depths, in the same order, are 7 feet, 7 inches; 9 feet, 3 inches; 10 feet, 4 inches; 11 feet, 10 inches and 11 feet, 10.3 inches


KX Series Ultra-Compact and Compact Excavators

The K008-3 and KX41-3V have operating weights of (rubber/canopy) 2,200 lbs. and 3,693 lbs., respectively. Horsepower for both models comes in at 10.3 hp at 2,050 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 17 hp at 2,300 RPM, while digging depths are 5 feet, 8 inches and 7 feet, 9.7 inches.


The KX71-3S offers a rubber/canopy operating weight of 6,305 lbs. and a rubber/cab weight of 6,550 lbs. Horsepower comes in at 27.6 hp at 2,300 RPM with a digging depth of 9 feet, 9 inches.


The KX91-3S2's standard operating weights are 7,110 lbs. and 7,330 lbs., rubber/canopy and rubber/cab, respectively, and angle blade weights of 7,540 lbs. and 7,760 lbs. It puts out 29.6 hp and a digging depth of 10 feet, 5 inches.


Kubota's KX121-3S---with a six-in-one blade---weighs 9,789 lbs. and 9,987 lbs., rubber/canopy and rubber/cab, respectively. The horsepower comes in at 40.5 hp at 2,250 RPM with a digging depth of 11 feet, 6 inches.


The KX161-3S compact excavator's standard operating weights are 11,530 lbs. (rubber/canopy) and 11,696 lbs. (rubber/cab), with angle blade operating weights of 11,960 lbs. and 12,125 lbs. (rubber/canopy and rubber/cab, respectively.) The engine puts out 46 horsepower and has a digging depth of 12 feet, 7 inches.


Kubota's compact KX057-4 excavator has 47.6 horsepower and a digging depth of 12 feet, 8.2 inches. Operating weights for the KX057-4 are 12,150 lbs. (rubber/canopy) and 12,345 lbs. (rubber/cab). Angle blade operating weight comes in at 12,565 lbs. (rubber/canopy) and 12,765 lbs. (rubber/cab).




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Kubota K008-3

kubota k008-3


Model K008-3


Operating weight (metric tons):                                             1.0

Operating weight (lbs):                                                           2,200

Engine make:                                                                         Kubota

Engine model:                                                                        D722

Net hp:                                                                                   10.1


Arm (stick) length used for dimensions & forces (ft/in):          6.4"

Max dig depth (ft/in):                                                               5' 8"

Max depth of vertical wall (ft/in):                                             4' 6.1"

Reach @ ground level (ft/in):                                                  9' 11"

Dump height (ft/in):                                                                  6' 8"

Boom swing, right/left (deg):                                                    60° / 55°

Bucket digging force (lbs):                                                       2,200

Arm (stick) force (lbs):                                                             1,010

Lift over end, 10' radius @ ground (lbs):                                 430 (at 8')

Lift over side, 10' radius @ ground (lbs):                                210 (at 8')


Track shoe or rubber track width (in):                                       7.1"

Max travel speed (mph):                                                           2.5

Max drawbar pull (lbs):                                                             1,390


Transport length (ft/in):                                                              9' 0"

Transport height (ft/in):                                                              7' 4"

Transport width (ft/in):                                                               2' 10"

Tail overhang over side (in):                                                     10"

Length of track on ground (ft/in):                                               2' 11.4"

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