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Concrete on the go from Hannon concrete is the first choice for small loads and cash sales.

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IHalton Concrete:

Contact information: 01-8207816

Free phone number : 1800266273


Halton concrete is a family run business that specialises in Ready-mixed concrete.

Ready-mixed concrete continues to be the most versatile, durable and cost effective material for multiple construction uses. It is an ideally suited material for use in 

Foundations, floors, walls, farm yards etc.. Halton concrete have been supplying concrete for over twenty years to north, south and the greater Dublin area.




In Halton concrete, we firmly believe that the secret of producing quality concrete is the use of good raw materials and mix design. We purchase our aggs and cement from the most reputable companies in the business. It is also essential in the production of good concrete that there is a good mix design for each mix produced. We believe that we have the best technical team and each new mix design is tested and verified before inclusion as a concrete plant mix recipe.



Production of concrete:

Concrete is produced in our computer controlled automated plant. The materials are transferred to the mixer in the order of – aggregates and sand followed by cement and water while the concrete bottle is continually mixing.


Ordering of concrete:

When a client wants to order concrete they will find friendly and helpful assistance at the other end of the phone. Our staff are familiar with all mixes that are included as standard recipes on all concrete plants. Customers will find we will deliver from one meter upwards and that Halton concrete prices are the most competitive prices to be found in the market with the friendly and experienced staff to help you with all your needs



Please remember to mention this website when ordering concrete:


Contact information: 01-8207816

Free phone number : 1800266273

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